24/7 Youth

“Rejoice, O young Man, in your youth, And let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth; Walk in the ways of your heart, And in the sight of your eyes;“ – Eccl. 11:9

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24/7 Youth

  • How very precious and special you are in the eyes of God Almighty
  • The special gifts and talents you have to offer to the kingdom of God
  • How the Holy Spirit can even speak to the young
  • How God doesn’t expect you to be perfect – and neither should you!
  • How he wants you to be encouraged – every day in every way!
  • How to share your faith…Not be ashamed by it
  • How to serve others and love doing it
  • How to simply have fun: laugh, play, make friends, go on adventures!

On Fire For God And Growing In The Love of Jesus!

In the 24/7 Youth Ministry, we think our kids are something very special. Each of them is unique with something different to contribute and upbeat to share.

Each month, the 24/7 Youth Leaders strive to come up with some activity that will bring the youth together in a fun-filled and exciting experience, where healthy relationships can be developed. In a loving atmosphere, they will experience that being a committed Christian can be fun, exciting and a powerful experience too.

But the sky-is-the-limit: Ski trips, mountain hiking, biking, a summer bar-b-q, swimming, boat rides, dinners, workshops and so much more!
And because they are the future of the church, the result will hopefully be a reality of who they truly are in Christ; establishing their walk with him; and sharing their faith with others in a practical way.

Interested in joining the 24/7 Youth?
Contact Elders Debbie & Gerry Matts by calling the church office.

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