Fellowships, Classes, Community Outreach & Missions

LWCC is a “busy place” with plenty of things to do and many ways everyone can participate, contribute and become a meaningful part of the LWCC church family.

In addition to the nearly three dozen formal ministries currently in operation at LWCC, multiple fellowships, classes, outreaches, special interest groups and events have been carefully and thoughtfully developed and designed specifically to encourage the involvement and meet the needs of all age groups, interest levels and experiences.

Our Pastor’s sincerest wish is to provide enough meaningful activity so as to foster an environment in which everyone attending LWCC has a place in which they fit — either as a leader or participant — making their involvement with their home church a truly joyful and rewarding experience – coming to church because “they want to” and not because “they have to”.

All are encouraged to investigate what the following programs might have to offer and how they relate to your particular needs.


Fellowship Groups for All Ages:

Classes and Special Instructions:

  • Rock Solid Classes – Fundamental teachings on scripture no matter where you are in your Christian walk – seasoned and rooted or newly saved.
  • New Members Class – Finding out more about LWCC – its government, vision, articles of faith and programs offered. A “must” class for those whose decide they want formal membership.
  • Spiritual Authority Classes – Learning about your spiritual obligations to those in authority at LWCC: God, Pastor, Elders and Ministry Leaders.
  • Water Baptism Class – Designed for all those who are ready, approved and scheduled for Water Baptism.
  • Baby Dedication Class – A mandatory class for parents requesting their children be dedicated at LWCC. Presents a clear explanation of what Baby Dedication is; what it really means for the parent(s) and all the benefits attached to it.
  • Women’s Bible Study (WBS)—Regularly scheduled once-a-week series, often lasting 3 -7 weeks, on bible topics of greatest interest to today’s Christian women in modern society – often presented on video by well-known and highly respected bible teachers.
  • Financial Peace University (FPU)— A multi-part series presented on video by highly-respected and much acclaimed financial guru, Dave Ramsey, on how to bring your finances in line with what God wants you to do and practical principals on how you can enjoy the blessings of prosperity, doing it God’s way!
  • Legacy Journey – An advanced class for those who have successfully completed FPU and qualified for more intense instruction.


Community Outreach & Missions

As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are all charged with the task of “going out into the world” to spread the Good News of the Bible. At LWCC, we act on this command not only by supporting foreign missions but also by having very lively and effective Community Outreach programs where we can not only love those in need but practically help them. In sharing what we have, we show them the Love of Jesus and trust they will come to know Him.

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