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If you wish to schedule a Baby Dedication Ceremony online, you must answer all questions on this application that apply (no exceptions) and submit it immediately. Missing relevant information or a late submission will delay your application.  Because the number of Baby Dedications that can be scheduled in any weekend is limited, we approve applications in the order in which they are received.  Those not received on time, will not be considered until the next scheduled ceremony date (no exceptions).

Specific Requirements for Approval:

  • Parents must be a legally married couple, or
  • A single parent, living and raising the child alone or with relatives and/or guardians
  • In good standing with the church
  • A confessed “born again” believer
  • Attending LWCC regularly for a minimum of three (3) months
  • Attendance at the Baby Dedication Class

Note: Formal LWCC membership is not required but regular attendance is required


Baby Dedication Ceremonies and required classes are scheduled no more than 3 times per year. Go to the events section of our LWCC website or consult the weekly LWCC bulletin for scheduled dates

Special Situations:

If you wish to take videos or still shots during the ceremony, be discreet. No flash is allowed while Pastor is praying for your child and the photographer should in no way interfere with the progress of the ceremony.  If family/friends are attending, they should arrive early and see an usher for seating.

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