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LWCC makes available several official (some mandatory) instructional classes for those in the congregation preparing to participate in various church ceremonies:

New Members Class

Anyone who has regularly attended LWCC for a minimum of 3 months and is at least 16 years of age (16 and 17 year olds require written parental approval), is welcome to become an official member of LWCC (Membership is not mandatory).

The New Members’ Class, conducted personally by the Pastor, is held 3 – 4 times per year and is a mandatory class for those seeking to become members. It’s purpose is to answer any questions about the church, it’s vision or what we believe (Click on “About Us” and review “What We Believe”, “Our Vision” and “FAQs” for details)

Pastor Will Share:

• What his personal vision is for you and the Church
• What Church membership means
• What to expect from the Church
• What the Church expects from you
• The eight responsibilities of Church membership

Spiritual Authority Class

Anyone seeking to learn, based on scripture, more about their spiritual obligations to authority in the Church: to God, the Pastor, Church Elders or ministry leaders – are welcome to attend a multi-week series of study, based on selected teachings taken from the book, Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee.

Taught personally by Pastor, this is an in-depth study of life-changing principles concerning “authority” in the Church.

You do not have to be a LWCC member to attend but purchase of the book, Spiritual Authority, at the Living Word Bookstore, is a pre-requisite for participation and regular attendance at all sessions is encouraged.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who attend all sessions.

A review of the entire “About Us” page and “Get Connected” section of this website is recommended.

Rock Solid Classes

This is a basic foundational bible-based teaching series, usually held over 4 – 6 consecutive weeks for 1-hour classroom study on a weekday evening.
Anyone, 16 years and older, is welcome to attend and LWCC membership is not a requirement.

All classes are taught by Pastor, Church Elders or Pastor-selected ministry leaders and purchase of materials is not required.

Subjects taught may vary but some include:

• The New Birth – What it means to be “born-again”
• Bible 101 – How to effectively study from your bible
• The Holy Spirit and Baptism in the Holy Spirit
• Water Baptism (Actual Water Baptism follows for those who wish to be baptized)
• Faith and Healing
• Giving and Receiving (Tithes & Offerings)
• Praise and Worship
• Communion – What it should mean to us

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Baby Dedication Class

This is a mandatory class for parents of infants or children who are requesting baby dedication at LWCC and held 3–4 times during the year, before the actual dedication ceremony.

It’s purpose is to specifically instruct parents what “baby dedication” really means; how it differs from baptism; what their obligations before God are in the Christian upbringing of their child; and all the benefits attached to the fulfillment of the promises made at the Baby Dedication ceremony.

You do not have to be a LWCC member to have your child dedicated but, regular attendance at LWCC corporate worship for at least a 3—month period is preferred. Single parents, not living in a sinful relationship, are permitted the dedication of their children.

It is strongly recommended you acquire and read the LWCC brochure, “Baby Dedication … Parents Caring for Their Special Gift from God” or click on the “Baby Dedication” link in this website.

Water Baptism Class

This is a brief but mandatory class for all those ready, approved and scheduled to be water baptized. It is led by Pastor, a Church Elder or Pastor-selected ministry leader and held immediately before the actual Baptism ceremonies, which are traditionally held 3 – 4 times per year.

It is recommended that you acquire and read the LWCC brochure, “Water Baptism … An Important Next Step” or click on the “Water Baptism” link in this website.

Topics that might be covered include:

• What does Water Baptism mean and what do I confess?
• What kind of changes can I expect in my life?
• What has actually happened to me?
• What did God do at Baptism?
• What is my part now that I am baptized?

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