Q. What kind of Church are you?

A. We are a bible-based, non-denominational, independent church organization, whose basic tenants of faith are most closely identified with Pentecostal, Word of Faith Churches. Click on “What We Believe” and “Our Vision” for more detail on who we are.

Q. Do you have formal, ongoing programs for my young children, teenagers or Youth?

A. Yes, we conduct “Kings Kids” services (check our Children’s Church Classes & Schedules for days and times) and have active programs for teens and young adults. Click on “24/7,” for more details on available programs for older youth.

Q. Do you provide for care of infants during service?

A. Yes. Our LWCC Children’s Church “Nursery”, staffed by trained and caring Children’s workers, provides for all infants up to 23 months of age and is available during Sunday services.

Q. Are you a “membership” organization requiring membership fees or dues?

A. We do have church membership, which is not mandatory, but all monetary contributions to the church are either free-will offerings or biblically-based “tithes”.

Q. What is required for membership, if I want to become a member at LWCC?

A. You must have regularly attended the church for at least 3 months and participated in our mandatory class on church membership. For more details click read about new member classes under “Classes at LWCC.”

Q. Do you offer a children’s daycare or pre-school program?

A. No, not at the present time.

Q. Will I be given the opportunity to serve in the church on a volunteer basis and offer my talents?

A. Yes, all are encouraged to serve God in some way. There are currently 29 major ministries in operation at LWCC and details on how and where one might serve are provided during our “Get Connected” series of classes. Click on the “Ministries” tab on the Home Page for specific details on getting connected and brief descriptions of all ministries available.

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