“Get Connected”…and Stay Connected

We all have a ministry and a calling to help

The Words of Jesus say:

“ … whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. and whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave — just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…”

– Matthew 20:26-28 (NKJV)

“Getting Connected” at LWCC means quite a bit more than:

• Just attending service every Sunday morning

• Just volunteering to help at special events

• Just paying your tithes and giving an occassional love offering

• Just being water baptized and becoming a member

• Just calling LWCC “Your Church”

Rather, “Getting Connected” at LWCC means:

• Making a sincere commitment to God, the Pastor and all in the church to become a true servant

• Putting aside all personal ambitions for recognition and reward – willing to sacrifice

• Understanding that you have an anointed God-given “gift” that you are obligated to use for the kingdom

• Honestly and prayerfully seeking out and identifying your “gift” and then joining a recognized LWCC “Ministry”

The “Get Connected” Series

If you seriously want to help but just don’t know where (who to see) or how (what ministry to join), plan to attend the LWCC special series, “Get Connected”, dealing with the “Ministry of Helps.”

Each year, at a time designated by the Pastor and announced from the pulpit, at least two (2) Sunday services are dedicated exclusively to teachings, panel discussions, testimonies and exhibits dealing specifically with Church ministries and “The Ministry of Helps” and getting connected in a meaningful way to serving God, the Pastor and the body of believers at LWCC.

It is a special time set aside when everyone at LWCC is given the opportunity to identify the unique and anointed gift God has given them and find a place to use that gift in a way that will best benefit this local body and God’s kingdom here on earth.

Puzzle Peices

Find out where you fit and get connected!

• All sessions are taught by Pastor, identifying from the Word of God, exactly what the “Ministry of Helps” is and what it should mean to each of us.

• Real life testimonies are conveyed from those now actively serving in varied ministries.

• There is always a time of questions and answers and audience participation.

• Leaders from all 29 of the recognized LWCC ministries are available before and after the sessions and services to hand out materials on the ministries they lead, accept your applications and answer any questions.

For more detailed information on the “Ministry of Helps,” refer to our booklet “The Ministry of Helps at LWCC…Get Connected.”  For detailed information on individual ministries, refer to the LWCC booklet “A Ministry Guide…How You Can Help.” 

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