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What Are We

This is a special ministry dedicated and designed with your children in mind! All kids from birth through 5th grade will experience an age-appropriate Christian environment where the truths of the bible are taught by caring, experienced teachers in a creative, fun-filled and relevant way. Kids will get to meet Jesus for the first time and on their own level!

How do we get their attention?

Using every teaching tool available – music, drama skits, puppetry, games, dance, object lessons and role-playing – we make a “big deal” out of learning about Jesus! And, we always have fun doing it!

Be sure to click on “Classes” and “Kids’ Celebrations” for more detail and schedule times.

What do we want them to learn about themselves?

• God made me perfect

• God loves me unconditionally

• Jesus will be my friend forever

• The greatest book ever written is the Holy Bible

• I must tell others about my friend, Jesus

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