Water Baptism is an important event in your Christian walk.  It is vital that those about to be baptized understand:

• Exactly what they are about to participate in
• Exactly what does “Water Baptism” mean
• What scriptures support the act of “Water Baptism”
• Why it is so important to them in their walk as new disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ

For all of these reasons, it is required that you attend a brief instructional class on “Water Baptism”.

Classes and public baptisms are scheduled 3-4 times a year or more. Actual dates for both will be listed in the Events Calendar portion of this website, in the weekly bulletin and announced from the pulpit.

There will be time for questions and answers but, a specific outline of topics will be addressed:

• Why should I be baptized?
• How can I best prepare for baptism?
• What actually happens to me in “Water Baptism”?
• What specific kind of change can I expect to take place in my life?
• What part does God play in baptism?
• What part must I now play?
• What should my confession now be?

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