Water Baptism: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I was baptized as a baby. Should I be baptized again?

A. Yes, get baptized again. Nowhere in the scriptures are infants baptized – they were “dedicated” in the temple. Only adults, including Jesus, were “baptized”. The word says, “Repent and be Baptized”. Infants cannot “repent” and therefore do not even meet the scriptural conditions for baptism.

Q. Will I lose my salvation if I don’t get water baptized?

A. At LWCC, it’s not taught you’ll lose your salvation if you don’t get water baptized. However, because it is the believers’ outward expression of inward change by being saved and born-again, the act of Baptism is a very vital one. More importantly, Jesus himself was baptized and considered it as “righteous” (Matthew 3:15), so how can we proclaim him as Lord yet not follow his example?

Q. I was water baptized at another church when I was first saved. I understand much more now so, can I be baptized again?

A. If you feel that the experience will be more spiritually beneficial a second time, you would not be denied the experience.

Q. Physical issues or some yet inanswered questions prevent me from being in a regular Water Baptism service. Are there any alternatives?

A. Yes, see an Elder privately to discuss or call the Elders’ line on ext. 105. Also, see the panel in our brochure, “The Water Baptism Class”.

Q. If I still have questions about Water Baptism, how can I best get them answered?

A. You will be required to attend a brief instructional class on the meaning of Water Baptism. At that formal meeting, all of your questions will be answered. (Click on “The Water Baptism Class”)


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