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What an exciting, happy and important day for you, your entire family and your church family as well. We all want to be sure that it is the best that it can be and that it will be a day you will both never forget! But, because God Almighty created marriage, it is very much a spiritual event as well and deserves all of our attention to ensure that all is done in excellence – above all else, giving glory to God for the wonderful union He is about to bless.

That is why your Pastor wants to be sure you and your spouse are prepared not only for your Wedding Day but for everyday of your lives together thereafter! The premarital training and counsel required is laying the foundation meant to support and guide you through every storm you may encounter in your married life. 

To help us plan and execute your special day, please fill out the two mandatory online forms found on the right of this page.

The requirements and planning for an orderly and Christ-centered ceremony are meant to ensure that the first day of marriage is filled with joy and happy memories! 

Important Wedding Forms

Please fill out and submit the two forms below.

Special Message from The Pastor To The Wedding Couple

Congratulations on your upcoming special day!

We are so pleased that you have chosen your home church in which to celebrate this very special event in your lives.  Above all else, we want to assist you in making this time the most joyful experience possible – one that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives.

Because we consider the wedding service to be a sacred time – spiritually one of worship as you both, now as one, enter into a covenant relationship with the Father – it is most worthy of careful and prayerful planning.

You know also that because we are so committed to the preservation and strengthening of the family at LWCC, we must steadfastly uphold the sanctity of marriage by being absolutely sure that your ceremony is not only beautiful but also Christ-centered.  Our experience has taught us that proper planning and preparation before the ceremony takes place is the best way to accomplish this.

Your attention to the guidelines we have established and your careful completion of all forms required, will help assure that this special occasion in your lives will be a pleasant and trouble-free experience.

All of us at Living Word Christian Church stand ready to do all we can to make this day the most memorable possible!

Once again, my congratulations to both of you!

In His Service,


Raymond R. Hadjstylianos, Pastor

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