Guidelines for your Wedding at LWCC

Mandatory Requirements:

  • One or both applicants must be born-again believers and actively attending LWCC on a regular basis for at least one year prior to the wedding date
  • A personal pre-marital counseling session with pastor ray is mandatory
  • A pre-marital counseling session with LWCC church elders is mandatory
  • Couples may request that pastor officiate<‘at the ceremony but, depending on his schedule, it is not If not, a church elder team he selects, will officiate
  • Notification of your wedding plans is required at least 6 months in advance
  • All fees must be paid, in full, at least 1 month in advance of the wedding date – no exceptions (see “fee structure” below)
  • Utilizing the expertise of the LWCC Wedding Coordinator is strongly recommended
  • If a Saturday ceremony, all must vacate the sanctuary and parking lot no later than 4:30 m. If a Sunday ceremony, no activity can begin before 2:30 p.m.
  • All personal and informational data and forms requested must be submitted accurately, on time and signed, when required

Fee Structure:


  • Building rental fee of $200 for facility costs, made payable to LWCC and mailed or hand delivered to office manager or LWCC bookkeeper
  • Custodial fee of $100 for setup and cleanup, made payable to individual name provided (not LWCC).
  • Wedding coordination fee of $100, made payable to individual name provided (not LWCC) and regardless of couple having a personal wedding coordinator


  • Sound engineer fee of $100 {if vocals or instrumentals at ceremony require), made payable to individual name provided {not LWCC)
  • Pastor’s honorarium is not included in these fees. It is strongly recommended you consider the personal time he has invested in your special day and bless him
  • There are no fees associated with a private wedding performed in pastor’s office (excepting an honorarium for Pastor).


  • LWCC does not provide music or musicians
  • Selection and arrangement for all wedding music is solely the responsibility of the couple
  • Unless utilizing the LWCC sound engineer, the music ministry soundboard is not available for use
  • All musical selections must be Christian-centered, focused on the Lord and giving glory to God. No offensive or Biblically inappropriate music will be permitted
  • Secular music is not permitted, with the exception of classical
  • At least 2 months before the wedding date, the LWCC wedding coordinator must be consulted on all music selection {cds, musicians, singers, etc.). If any selection is in doubt, the pastor will make the final determination

The Wedding Coordinator:

As an integral part of your LWCC wedding ceremony, the LWCC wedding coordinator will be your most important link between the pastor, your bridal party, the Helps Ministry people assisting you and all those contributing to making this day the most special one possible. While she has been authorized to answer all questions of etiquette and procedure, she will be especially helpful in the following functions:

  • Fine tuning final wedding plans with the bride
  • Reviewing necessary wedding guidelines with the bride and groom
  • Outlining the flow of the service and actual ceremony in consultation with the pastor’s office
  • Scheduling, coordinating and overseeing the wedding rehearsal
  • Guiding the wedding party in the use of the facility, if necessary
  • Securing and scheduling all custodial and /or sound personnel, as required
  • Ensuring that all paperwork (licenses, ) Are properly obtained and completed

The Wedding Rehearsal:

  • A mandatory event, usually held 1 day before the actual wedding ceremony
  • Prior to the rehearsal, both bride and groom must meet with the Wedding Coordinator to discuss             any special requests
  • The date and time of the rehearsal is set by the wedding coordinator
  • These should attend rehearsal: bride, groom, ushers, bridesmaids, bride’s parents, and musicians/vocalist if any.
  • Rehearsal must start promptly at the time scheduled!


  • Because your ceremony is a worship experience, both photography and video taping will be allowed only if they do not detract from the ceremony
  • The pastor (or the elder conducting the service in his stead) will have the authority to redirect these activities, if distracting

Proper Use of the Sanctuary:

The LWCC sanctuary, its adjoining facilities and its grounds are firstly a place of worship and study of the Word of God. However, while it is already appropriately and tastefully decorated, we understand the wedding couple’s desire to slightly enhance and personalize its look on this special day. Out of respect for its original purpose, however, we require that the couple acknowledge its atmosphere of worship by adhering to the following conditions:

  • No rearrangement or removal of furniture, fixtures, signs or other church materials will be requested nor permitted
  • The use of tacks, nails or any other hole-making implement, anywhere in the sanctuary or other part of the facility, is strictly forbidden
  • Flowers placed on the platform or in any carpeted area of the church, must be in a leak-proof container or on a floral stand
  • Bows and/or ribbons (with or without flowers) may be attached to chairs with a tape adhesive designed for that purpose or appropriately wired
  • No lit candles whatsoever will be permitted (except those approved for the ceremony)
  • No rice or birdseed is to be thrown anywhere in the building, outside the entrance or in the parking lot. Any other elements being considered must first be cleared with the wedding coordinator at her meeting

Proper Conduct and Decorum:

All activities at LWCC, including weddings, are meant to lift up the Lord in His special place of worship and must always be conducted with the utmost respect for His house. Therefore:

  • Smoking, the use of alcoholic beverages, drugs or improper language will not be permitted in the church building or anywhere on its premises during the ceremony, the rehearsal or at any other time
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs or even suspected of being intoxicated or under the influence will not be permitted to participate in any ceremony or event associated with the marriage
  • Any unruly, abusive or distractive individual will be asked to immediately leave the church and its ground
  • Taking into consideration modern styles, it is expected that all members of the bridal party will be dressed appropriately and modestly, so as not to in any way be a distraction to the sanctity of the service
  • In all matters of conduct and decorum, those representing LWCC may take action appropriately with the full authority given them by the pastor’s office

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