What kind of Church is Living Word Christian Church (LWCC)?

A Bible-based, independent, and non-denominational church whose basic tenants of faith can most closely be identified with the Word of Faith/Pentecostal Movement.


Do you have formal, ongoing programs for young children and teens?

In addition to special events, we offer Children’s Church on Sundays for children in preschool through 5th grade. Living Word Youth provides regular programs for teens.


Do you provide care for infants during service?

Our LWCC nursery is staffed by trained and caring workers and provides for all infants up to 23 months of age. The nursery is available on Sundays.


Are you a “membership” organization requiring membership fees or dues?

We have church membership, which is not mandatory. All monetary contributions to the church are either biblically based “tithes” or free-will offerings.

What is required for membership?

You must attend LWCC consistently for at least 3 months and participate in our mandatory class for new members. To learn about the next member's class contact the church office and check the events page.

Will I be given an opportunity to serve in the church on a volunteer basis and offer my talents?

All are encouraged to serve God in some way. Under the Ministry of Helps leadership, there are more than two dozen ministries in operation at LWCC